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Weekday Devotions

The Reign of God as opportunity at hand demands that we act. We do not simply act in anyway we choose. The opportunity at hand is for life we often call eternal. It is a part of a vision that demonstrates how God's peaceable Reign will unfold in the future and is already unfolding within the world around us. So, we have the opportunity to be a part of the fullness of God's Reign in a way that brings it alive among us and transforms how we continue through the day. It can be called a part of eternal life because it is a part of the promise of God's universal shalom that does not abide within our frames of time. Right now that which is not fully visible may be coming into being. It may be within the next relationship we strike up - the next person who greets us with respect - the next group we welcome with word and actions. The Reign of God as opportunity at hand alerts us to life we too often walk by - because we do not see opportunities for renewal and refreshment. We are too easily caught in our own whirlwind of self-consumption. That is why the Spirit bids us to breathe and listen and observe the way God's Reign does unfold around us and we can - at any moment - grab hold and live.

O God of New Life andAll Hopefulness, bid us come and live in the midst of your loving presence as we face this day. Amen.