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Weekday Devotions

The Reign of God as opportunity at hand. Comments to:

The Reign of God as opportunity at hand is my attempt to say 'now' - grab hold of the life that we have been shown is life within God's Reign as we look at Jesus. If you are at all like me, there can be a list of excuses used to not engage and step into the liberating life of God's Reign. It is such a blessed ride I think we are a bit afraid of it. And yet, it is always an opportunity at hand. By blessed I don't mean pious. I mean full - creative - peaceable - forgiving - and much more. The Reign of God as opportunity at hand never hide from us. We do not have to try to find it - as though it is a secretive place with a secretive entrance plan. It is all a part of that which we might enter at any moment. To list the opportunities in front of us would be useless. We can only prayerfully expect that the life in God's Reign that is beckoning us will win us over into action. Think simple things. Let your heart respond. Move in a way you may not anticipate. There, in that moment, is another opportunity - there it is again.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, even within this prayer open our eyes and our lives. Amen.