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The Reign of God as Unfolding. Comment to:

The Reign of God as Unfolding carries the image of more to come. Even though we see so much of God's glory unfolding all around us each day - it continues to unfold. It is endlessly unfolding and therefore we cannot contain it or own it or claim that we have control over the life it brings. For right when we attempt to control, something new unfolds. Those who have been set aside or sent out become those who are welcome into the midst of the beloved community. I love how the beloved community keeps unfolding. We have a long history in the church and in society of keeping the community closed or limited. The Reign of God as Unfolding consistently takes our lines and boundaries and barriers and moves them to the side to make room for God's Unfolding Reign.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, keep us watchful of how your Spirit continues to unfold your Reign and bids us to enter. amen.