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The Reign of God as Unfolding. Comments to:

The Reign of God as Unfolding is full of tension. That is simply the case because we do not know what will be unfolded before us and we do not have control over when - where - how it unfolds. Yes, we know the Reign of God will be unfolded but we do not always have a clear vision of what that means in this time and place. Therefore it is essential that we stay grounded in the vision of that Reign. We will recognize the unfolding of the Reign of God by knowing its character - a character that does not change from age to age. We know, for example, that justice is a vital aspect of God's Reign. But in this day - at this time - how is it made manifest among us. When do we bend and bow - What becomes high on our agenda? The tension is one that inspires conversation and exploration and questions.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, ease us into your coming. Gently prod us and yet keep prodding us to step into your Reign as it comes among us. Amen.