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The Reign of God as generosity. Comments to:

The Reign of God as generosity points us to more. If now we are beloved what is next? More of the same - and yet more of more of the same. This God or ours never ceases to bestow on God's people more of that which God has to offer. Therefore, the Reign of God as generosity is never calling back that which has been given to us. Rather, no matter how we have been acting or how we have been taking care of the life that has been handed to us - God creates us with a spirit of generosity that compels us to carry on within life that is fueled by generosity. I have found that as I am treated with acts of generosity - or even when I simply see them take place and it has nothing to do with me - I am inspired to live within that spirit. The Reign of God as generosity is a Reign that takes up the present moment. It is not something saved for later. Since I have been married I have learned from my wife that we gift - at any time - at no designated time - without reason - without fear that we will do without. She seems to love gifting others. Generosity need not be planned out and it certainly cannot be ruled by conditions. It is a power - a character - that quite uncontrollably frees up everyone to let go and live.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, you freely give and we are fed and our hearts begin to learn the way of your generous Reign. We thank you. Amen.