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The Reign of God as generosity. Comments to:

The Reign of God as generosity does not hold the future hostage. It does not ask 'Where will you spend eternity?' as though it is a question we must decide. The Reign of God as generosity let's us know exactly where all time is spent - in the presence and embrace of our God. Unfortunately, we all know that threat seems to win hearts - or at least it immerses us so much in threat and fear that we begin to think that the future is in jeopardy. The Reign of God as generosity tells us the truth about God's power to judge as God will judge - with an eternally loving embrace so that each moment is lived in the fullness of God's presence. Generosity does not begin when we have done everything right or prove that we believed everything correctly. That - is game playing. Generosity hands us the gift and the gift is the power that brings new life - not my decision. The Reign of God as generosity exposes the words of conditional religious messages as lies - straight out lies.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, by your grace - your gift of love - you words of promise, we enter into life eternal and begin already to act within its fullness. We thank you for your promises. Amen.