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The Reign of God as Generosity. Comments to:

The Reign of God as generosity is always greeted with bit of confusion and shock. Can we welcome those people under these conditions after what has gone down? Yes. That is the generosity of the Reign of God when it is the life in which we find ourselves. The wide open hands that hand us life and love without any condition - with a generosity that befuddles the world - is usually rejected. Sometimes by all of us who are the recipients of such generosity but more so if we see folks we have deemed as unworthy being the recipient of such generosity. The Reign of God as generosity disturbs religious folk who want to make life into a journey of accomplishment and rewards. But the Reign of God will eternally hand out life and hope and renewal as easily as a person longing for a few kids to come to the house on Halloween because there is a huge basket of candy that s/he wants to simply give away. A handful of candy goes in the bag of even the children who cannot say the right words or the teens who are too embarrassed to say them. Pass out the candy!

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, teach us to live out the generous love that embraces us everyday as you claim us as your beloved. Amen.