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The Reign of God as Nevertheless. Comments to:

The Reign of God as nevertheless is meant to take us from those holes in our lives that seem to be too deep for us to handle - those days that have fallen apart or are in the midst of falling apartthose promises that have yet to be fulfilled and appear to not have a chance. This week's stream of devotions comes from the scene in the gospel for this last Sunday. In that story from John's gospel, Lazarus is dead and gone and beyond all hope - four days in the stone cold tomb. Yet the stone is rolled away and Jesus calls for Lazarus to come out. The man is dead and gonenevertheless Jesus calls him out. All the folks standing around watching are probably a bit Jesus' expectation - but that is it. The Reign of God as nevertheless does not operate on how the world thinks things should go. Death is death and all the mechanisms of death keep things only as they are or have been. Lazarus responds to the call - he appears at the entrance to the cave - alive. Crazy? Yes. Nevertheless the beginning of a new world.

O God of New Life and All Faithfulness, here we go again. A new week brings new expectations that are not always fulfilled. It is too easy to feel lost and without hope. Yet, we ask that you come and awaken us to new life even as there is no evidence that new life is available. Amen.