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The Reign of God as light. Comments to:

The Reign of God as light - scatters the darkness. That seems advent-like. This Reigning light is like truthfulness. It does not allow for lies the fester and bring death. Instead, as soon as a lie is spoken or people begin living within the grasp of the many lies that are able to secure so much control of the world - it is exposed. I think some political candidate fear the light. They had investigative reporting - they accuse truth-finding as the work of demons - they live the lie of acting as though they are victims and they represent all the victims of thorough journalism. No matter where we go in the world, the powers that oppress and the powers that control are utterly powerless unless they can keep their people living within the darkness of their cultural and religious lies. The Reign of God as light is not a 'churchy' power. It is the power of the Spirit of God's Reign of truth the never ceases to expose lies and half-truths (that are also lies).

God of New Life and All Hopefulness, whenever the lies of the world attempt to distort your gracious Reign make us people who boldly open up the way of truth in the world. Amen.