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The Reign of God as light. Comments to:

The Reign of God as light leads us into lives of hopefulness and justice and peace and nonviolence. For this light will not put up with anything else. No matter who is acting contrary to the such a character for life, this light will reveal the difference for all to see. We must remember that not all people want this light to shine and reveal and expose. That would mean that the world would need to change its ways and the powers of the world would be exposed as needing to feed off of the lives of others in order to remain in power. The Reign of God as light must always be discredited by the powers of the world. Too often this is done with layer upon layer of lies that often do their deeds of death before the light exposes them and people begin to see how false the powers of the world are. In the middle of such falsehood, the light must continue to shine without failing.

God of New Life and All Hopefulness, let your light shine even when we are afraid to hold it up and let it shine among us. Amen.