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The Reign of God as Nevertheless. Comments to:

The Reign of God as nevertheless takes whatever the day brings and does not let the day at hand rule that which we will do that day. It may look like a crappy day - feel like a crappy day - smell like a crappy day, nevertheless it may be a day full of delightful new life. Ha! That's how things go in God's Reign. The day or the situation doesn't define the day - the day is brought into focus by way of God's Reign. I am always amazed when I read brief bits and pieces about some of the martyrs of the past. They were able to move on through their lives as though the powers around them and all the glitter or threat of the day was not going to take their hearts and lives. They moved forward as God's beloved and lived as all things were beloved of God. Their lives became a real way to see God's Reign as nevertheless - life will be shaped by a foundation of hope and love and mercy and forgiveness. That life can become deadly - yet it is full of resurrection power.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, you are the light of this day that keeps us able to see the wonder and possibilities available for us as we move through the day. We thank you. Amen.