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The Reign of God as 'in that day'. Comments to;

The Reign of God as 'in that day' is meant to remind us that the Reign of God belongs in the everyday world - it is like another day in the midst of all the days of our lives. It is not something that comes in a space or time not just as the one we live in. It is a real day - like right now. The Reign of God as 'in that day' pulls us into the future of God's Reign that may not already be available at this moment - and yet, it is inevitable and it is not under our control. 'In that day' - as in all the days of our lives - God Reigns. There may simply come the time when that reality strikes us as a bit more real and a part of all the dynamics within the world around us. The key point is 'in that day' is the Reign of God - enter in.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, sometimes we linger on the edge of your gracious Reign not aware that it is already wrapping us up and longing for us to take part. Praise to you, O God. Amen.