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Justin, Jessica, and Cora Marquez

Justin, Jessica, and Cora

Justin, Jessica, and Cora

When we chose Redeemer, we were in the midst of looking for a church where we could raise our daughter and get involved as a family.  We ended up there because of a social media post by Justin’s old co-worker and Justin remembered him speaking very highly of the church because of their acceptance of everyone.  Jessica was also raised and baptized in a Lutheran Church so that part was comfortable and appealing.

The first time we attended Redeemer, we were blown away by Pastor Al’s sermon as well as the hospitality of the congregation.  Everyone from the greeter, to the ushers, to the other church members sitting around us made us feel very welcomed and they were very helpful to make sure that we were following along with the service.  As we continued to attend in the following weeks we felt a sense of comfort at Redeemer and we really started to feel like this was the place for us.

The biggest thing that made us feel so loved was when we shared with a member that we wanted to just ask for some extra prayers as the birth of our daughter was approaching and we knew we were going to be faced with some medical challenges.  She encouraged us to reach out to Pastor Al to talk with him and he would make sure that we were put on the prayer list.  We did just that and Pastor Al came out to our house, after we had only been guests as his church for maybe six weeks, and treated us like long time members of his congregation.  He made sure that Cora made it on the prayer requests, and he organized to have meals dropped off at our house after she was born.

Long before we were members of Redeemer we felt like family.  Now, about six months after we started attending, we have all three officially joined the church and look forward to getting involved more in the coming months.  We can’t wait to see what Redeemer has in store for us.