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The Reign of God as 'in that day.' Comments to;

The Reign of God as 'in that day' may bring comfort and it may bring a word of discomfort. For 'in that day' when God's Reign begins to be revealed more clearly and the vision of that Reign becomes more concrete. Those who have been oppressed by the power of the world will be encouraged as something new will be arriving. Those who have been active in the many ways that lead to oppression will start to wonder if their days will come to an end. The Reign of God as 'in that day' is a time when God's Reign will be made more clear for all to see. Therefore it is a day into which we can all walk with confidence for God's Reign bring an eternal welcome into a whole new world of life.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, as you swing wide the door of your Reign it makes for a thrilling life of all of us. We bless you, O God. Amen.