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Adventures... in Hope - Redeemer Devotions The Followers of Jesus as holy places. If you have any comments -

The Followers of Jesus as holy places. Here's a strange story that moves people in many different ways. Lot lived in the city of Sodom. Some 'strangers' came into town. The God of Abraham called for the people to be utterly hospitable - actually an amazing and unbelievable hospitality. This life was not tied to a physical place - it was tied to a people who may even be in the worst of places. Lot gave the 'strangers' a safe place to stay - his home. Lot turned his home/life into a holy place full of life and standing against all the powers of death, hatred, and abusiveness that is the inhospitality of the world (Sodom in this case). Lot does not give into the brutality of the popular notion of how strangers can be treated and abused and belittled. To magnify the intensity of this holy life, he even offers the men of Sodom his daughters. I hate that patriarchal scene. But I have to say it so magnifies the importance of the holiness of the life we take with us wherever we may be. The Followers of Jesus as holy places go beyond what is even imaginable in order to be a part of the holy character of our God in any and all places.

O God of love and new life, encourage us to be places in this world in which your boundless love and mercy and justice is unshaken-ably present an available. Amen.