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The Followers of Jesus as taking our place. If you have any comments  -

The Followers of Jesus as taking our place is the movement of ordinary people taking on the character of the Reign of God we have come to see in the life of Jesus. We also see it in other people who are acting within the grand hopefulness of God's Reign - a reality always bigger than the boxes in which we try to put it. The Followers of Jesus as taking our place will find that we will be walking side by side others who do not name Jesus as Lord. It may be at those moments that we see how real and concrete and inclusive is the life of what we call God's Reign. We take our place as we follow Jesus - his words and his actions - his life as one walking within the fullness of our humanity created by God. We also will see that this whole adventure is about life - the life that is unfolding today and handing us a place to take up as our own in the midst of God's endless creativity.

O God of love and new life, build up our character that our lives will be ones that walk in your way of endless love, forgiveness, hope, and justice.   Amen.