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The Followers of Jesus as taking our place. If you have any comments  - .

The Followers of Jesus as taking our place in history - in real life - in the everyday stuff that we often want ignore or from which we want to flee insists on act - our action. Yesterday I was watching Congressman John Lewis discussing the graphic biography of his life in the civil rights movement. We see him now as this older man in congress. And yet, in a time in which the living witness of the church in the US was closer to the powers of death than life, he took his place along the way of Jesus. He was a bold young man who was risking his life at a time when most of us cling dearly to it. I must say, I was profoundly rocked by the simple retelling of his story and a few of those graphic novel pictures. The Followers of Jesus as taking our place are people being called to take our places now - to live in and act out of the peaceable Reign of God that is the life of resurrection. I wonder what that means for someone about to turn 63. What is the place awaiting the resurrection that is to come through my life? Unfortunately, that kind of question is one used to move people to go to seminary and become pastors. I now feel that is so short sighted. John Lewis left seminary to become a Follower of Jesus who took his place in the world as a resident alien to the brutality of our society. So, how will I take my place - how will you take your place in the unfolding, everyday glory of the power of the resurrection? Hmm.

O God of love and new life, free us up to risk all things and follow the life of your Reign that is opening up before us this day.   Amen.