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Weekday Devotions

The Followers of Jesus as persevering. If you have any comments  -

The Followers of Jesus as persevering get up and go about the life within the Reign of God again today. It is the always present invitation to let the love of God unfold through our daily acts along the way. It is remembering the 'and now' or the 'and then' of the biblical story. There is a next step or a next chapter or a next encounter. We face all of them with hearts that have been claimed by our God and lives then shaped by the character of our Lord, Jesus. The Followers of Jesus as persevering engage the way the day comes at us with a vision of how we will face the day so that our actions reflect the life of God's Reign even when the moment at hand resists such a display of life. It may be that as we continue on the way of our Lord we will be greeted well. It may be that we will be rejected. As we move through either one of those scenarios, there comes the 'and now' or the 'and then' which is already engaging us in what is coming. Therefore, we continue on - we persevere - we live within God's unfolding Reign.

O God of love and new life, as time passes, keep us within the life of the vision of your Reign. Shape us and move us in the way of our Lord, Jesus.     Amen.