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The Followers of Jesus as persevering. If you have any comments  -

The Followers of Jesus as persevering places us in the mode of resurrection. Yes, the worst of the week may have been pestering us and yet we are always being invited into the life of resurrection  - an actual life in the face of the worst of the week. This is always invitation - it can never be something coerced or brought about through threat or pressure or guilt. In the middle of he worst of things, we can only be invited to persevere. I think that invitation comes best from people who simply attend to others in the way that reflects that they are a part of this new life - a life that will be with others during the worst that the week can bring. The Followers of Jesus are not out there knocking on doors inviting folks to church, they are simply people who are willing to abide with those around them in and through all things. It is there - in that kind of solidarity that resurrection takes place - often in a surprising manner.

O God of love and new life, in the midst of the worst of the day, help us see your life that moves into and through all times and places.     Amen.