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The Followers of Jesus as persevering. If you have any comments  - .

The Followers of Jesus as persevering are ordinary folks who fall down, become discouraged, doubt, fear, and become anxious. We are invited to be people who also maintain that all of those times in our lives cannot and will not control the day. I would even suggest that even as the day is lost in all the powers of death and there appears to be no room for resurrection and new life, we move into tomorrow with hope. The Followers of Jesus as persevering know there is a tomorrow. We do not know the shape of what will come but we are assured that in the next day - beyond the hell of today - is the promise of resurrection. This is even when weeks pass and nothing new seems to be coming to life. Therefore, our Lord, invites us to persevere - stay the course - be open to that which is not yet the experience of the day. I pray I do not say that without considering how very, very hard it is for some folks - on some days - to keep moving in the way of Jesus. There is nothing in the resurrection life that will be as easy as cake. But we are told it will taste sweet when that life is our life and we are walking within it all.

O God of love and new life, feed us that sweet resurrection life that will transform the day and our hearts and our lives.      Amen.