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The Followers of Jesus as staying visible. If you have any comments  - 

The Followers of Jesus as staying visible has to do with the death of Jesus. There is no cover-up. There is no excuse making. Jesus is lynched - he is executed - he is put to death by a world that eliminates victims. We do not let go of that death on the cross. I must agree that we often let go of the brutality of the death of Jesus through our use of jewelry - but that is another issue. We keep the life of Jesus available for today by making that life visible in the life of the church. We continue to act in ways that bring out the forces of the world to try to put an end to our life that steps in the way of Jesus. The Followers of Jesus as staying visible maintain an ongoing vigil with and alongside all the people who the culture and the world seems to want to eliminate. Therefore, we step into the flow of marches that demand that people never lose sight of how brutal we can be to the least of us and those who are not just like us. We have to stay visible - in protest lines - in hearing rooms - in our neighborhoods - and wherever the world tries to go about its ways and take the lives of others.

O God of love and new life, continue to lead us out of the shadows of fear and into the way of our Lord, Jesus. Guide our life out in the light of this day.      Amen.