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The Followers of Jesus as staying visible. If you have any comments  - .
The Followers of Jesus as staying visible places us right in the mix of all the life around us that is simply ordinary and common. In those places and times, the world longs for the presence of Jesus to be seen alive. Some folks may not call it Jesus but they long for the end of violence and the eruption of peace-making - the dismantling of bias and prejudice and the construction of life with arm wide open - the conclusion of scapegoating and the eternal life of solidarity with any and all. We may act in the way of Jesus and others may simply see it as the inbreaking of the Truly Human One. That may be just fine. The Followers of Jesus as staying visible places on all of us the need to pause and reflect on whose we are and what it may mean for our lives today if we reflect the life handed to us as children of God - beloved - with the beloved - meeting the beloved. As we pause, we breathe in the Spirit of life that serves to heal the world and use us as the healing balm for the world. We must be visibly present to heal - hands on everyone - hands on.
O God of love and new life, make us a part of how the world sees your love that sets people free and creates new life today.       Amen.