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The Followers of Jesus as staying visible. If you have any comments  - .

The Followers of Jesus as staying visible is what resurrection hands us. Nothing needs to be hidden and nothing needs to be avoided and no one needs to be excluded and no one is less. We keep things in the open. We keep the doors open. We do not cover over what has happened or what is about to happen. The only surprise in the resurrection is that it really does happen just as promised. For too often, the promises of the  world do not last or they are filled with hooks and trap doors. The Followers of Jesus as staying visible make sure that the ugliness of violence never be hidden or pushed to the side. For whenever that happens, new violence and ugliness will fill up the world once again. We are to be transparent and demand that the world around us will also show a bit of the truthfulness of life and death that is often too easily dismissed.

O God of love and new life, open wide the truthfulness of your Reign among us.  Amen.