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The Followers of Jesus as staying visible. If you have any comments  - .

The Followers of Jesus as staying visible is to embody the vision. Among us is to be the peace that passes all understanding. I know, it sounds so cliché. But it is not to be. It is a peace that does not come into being by violence and it is not a peace that is maintained through violence. That kind of peace, is the peace of the world - that is no peace at all. As long as violence is the way we move through the day, there is no peace. We are invited to walk in the realm of peace-making. That is not an easy way. It demands self-sacrifice on behalf of others and on behalf of the vision of a new world in which no one will be victimized. The Followers of Jesus as staying visible step forward when the powers of the world as it is attempt to rule us or others. We step forward - we stay visible - we open up the room to new light and new life. When we stay visible, there will be consequences as many in power enjoy shadowy places and darkness in which truth can be hidden from sight. Remember, Jesus made sure his adventures in Jerusalem during the final week of his life were as visible as his antics all along the way. Most of the powers of the world do not do well with such visibility. 

O God of love and new life, pull us into the vision of your Reign and keep us walking in the light of your ways.  Amen