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The Followers of Jesus as not good people. If you have any comments  - .
The Followers of Jesus as not good people may not sound right. It is the first time I have used a negative to describe the followers of Jesus. It is quite intentional. As far as I can see, good people - especially those who think they are good people - are those who have the least amount of tolerance for those others who do not fit into the mold of the self-described good people. I will go farther than that. It is often good people who become the ones that condemn others. The folks around Jesus who persuaded Pilate to execute Jesus were 'good' people. Not only did they think that about themselves, they were known to be the good religious people - the pious - the holy. The followers of Jesus as not good people make us all reconsider what good means. Just as Jesus did not want to be called good teacher, so too might we learn that we are not good. We are followers of the one who will carry out the will of God's Reign. That action - that work - will not always be labeled good by the prevailing winds of the day. It may be faithful work and actions - but it may not be good at all.
O God of love and new life, keep us seeking the way of your Reign and risk to being rejected because we persistently stay within the bounds of your love put to life.  Amen.