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The Followers of Jesus as not good people. If you have any comments  - .
The Followers of Jesus as not good people is simply a way of reminding ourselves not to even go about making that judgment. Once we deem we are good it is so easy to make others as not as good - not good at all - damn wrong. Therefore, we enter this day within the vision of life within God's Reign - otherwise known as eternal life. We live into that vision - all of us. Along the way, we all stumble and we are reminded of how the vision is 'out there' and we are invited to step into it as it comes into the present. If we are even tempted to call ourselves good people it may be simply because the goodness of God's Reign is always reaching into today from God's future - always inviting us - all of us without limit. 
O God of love and new life, be present with us. Amen.