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The Followers of Jesus as not good people. If you have any comments  -

The Followers of Jesus as not good people is a way of helping us to see others as
not bad or good either. They are beloved by God. Yes, even the enemies who it is
 easy to demonize and seems to fit all of our acts of demonization. The moment we see ourselves as good - over and against their bad - there are not many avenues open for discussion, reconciliation, or peace. We are good - they are bad. Having said that, what happens when all my life I have been called bad - no good - worth-less? As soon as we get into labeling the good v bad antics of human existence, we start to show how brutal and evil humanity can become. The Followers of Jesus as not good people keep opening doors so that the good and the bad and all the others who are strapped with labels can find a place - a community - they can call home. This home is meant to be the church - a place where people are not good - they are beloved and they love without end.

O God of love and new life, ease us into the reality of your loving grace that we
may embody such a character. Amen.