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The Followers of Jesus as not good people. If you have any comments  -

The Followers of Jesus as not good people leaves us wide open to the possibilities of life that come blowing our way. That, is called the Holy Spirit. Without the other - without those not like us - without the ones who we may be so ready to judge as them, we would not be the Church. The followers of Jesus as not good people once again opens the doors. These are the doors to our congregations and the doors to our hearts and the doors to or very lives. Jesus was a master at walking through closed doors. Yes, we have the story of him walking into a room with locked doors after the resurrection, but that was only one more closed door within a life of going through closed doors. If he was a good person, Jesus would have known better than go into the rooms filled with those who were not good like him. That is how good people live. Jesus is not a good person - we are invited to join him. We are invited to mix in with others - to abide within the mix of God's beloved people - to find ourselves being born again and again to new life in Christ, Jesus. Good people usually do not want enter that new life.

O God of love and new life, send us our - open our eyes - open our hearts - raise
us up to the life within your Reign.  Amen.