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The Followers of Jesus as not good people. If you have any comments  - .
The Followers of Jesus as not good people need not mean we are bad people. Religious people can be quite nasty - we have too many examples from people of many religious backgrounds. I really think we move into problem areas whenever we self-define or self-describe ourselves as good. That is why I would defer to one of my overused words - beloved. We are beloved people. That is not a designation we give to ourselves. It is one handed to us - announced to us. It is a designation that calls forth a life. It is not a designation based on what we have done or what we have not done. It is the reality of God's love and is the power for new life. The followers of Jesus as not good people are always in a state of wonder - wondering about the life that will become ours and the life that displays the character of God's Reign.
O God of love and new life, grant us the wisdom to hear how your words of love become the substance of lives you call forth as you name us. Amen.