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The Followers of Jesus as utterly visible. If you have any comments  - .
The Followers of Jesus as utterly visible are people who take time to review the life of Jesus. By that, we take note of the way Jesus interacted with people. His life was a life that fell in line with the way God commands God's people to live. Now some could argue that the religious leaders and scholars of the law knew every little dot and comma of God's commands. And yet, Jesus still put to life those commands in the presence of the 'know it all' folk of religious power. They were amazed - they were surprised - they were repulsed. Jesus took the words and brought them to life. Sometimes, we do not want that clarity brought to life. Sometimes it benefits certain people to keep words as words that can be used to restrict life rather than liberate it for a fullness of life. The Followers of Jesus as utterly visible take the risk that their unbending service to others will be rejected by folks whose notion of service is done for a reward and it is done only to and for those just like us.
O God of love and new life, keep us walking and living in the light of the stories of Jesus so that the life of God Reign will become visible in us.  Amen.