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Weekday Devotions

The Followers of Jesus as utterly visible. If you have any comments  -
The Followers of Jesus as utterly visible breathe in the spirit of God's Reign and we are moved into a life that is empowered by that breath. It is the life that become visible. The power of the Holy Spirit always deals with life that makes the ways of the spirit known - the very breath of God visible. Nothing needs to be hidden because it is a part of the creative power of God. The Followers of Jesus as utterly visible begin to show signs of God's love even when the world does not find that love to be helpful to the ways of the world. We make visible a life in which we bend down to serve - walk in the way of Jesus - press forward with justice and peace in an unjust and warring world. In the process of being a part of that visibility, we must remember that there are others around us who are willing to join with us even when it appears that the ways of the powers of the world reject the life made visible among us.
O God of love and new life, be for us the breath of life that abides with us and is constantly inviting us to breathe in the fullness of your presence.  Amen.