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The Followers of Jesus as utterly visible. If you have comments - .

The Followers of Jesus as utterly visible are ones who put their lives on line. I take that to mean that we see ourselves as a part of the gracious image of God and therefore, we are empowered to actualize that image among us. It is not secretive waltz through the world. It is a part of the day in and day out movement of God's Reign making itself known through the one vehicle we can use for such an adventure - our own lives. Therefore, if the loving image of God is to be available to the world - we are responsible for bringing that love into a form that is recognizable to others - that's us - utterly visible. This does not come with a drawing to show us exactly what the image of God will be in our lives. It comes as we hear the wonder and beauty of that image and we find ourselves in situation we can make the moment wonder-filled and beauty-full.