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The Followers of Jesus as utterly visible. If you have comments - .


The Followers of Jesus as utterly visible may not have much time to think about how we will be visible. That is why it is so important to know the story from which we draw the life we are invited to share everyday. Earlier this week an attendant at a cash register had on an old and tattered WWJD cloth bracelet. "What Would Jesus Do" is a bit of that remembering we are invited to consider within 'the twinkling of a eye.' The Reign of God was utterly visible through Jesus' life. Yes, it was in a different time unlike ours. Yes, we have no videos or selfies of his life and times. And yet, we keep telling the stories and they seem to still have the power to enable ordinary people to have the Reign of God be utterly visible through us. I agree that it doesn't always happen. I also would argue that it is still within our capabilities for the character of the Reign of God to show up among us - as us - in our lives - in our relationships - utterly visible.

O God of New life and All Hopefulness, let you Reign come down upon us and help us look as though we are a part of its life-giving gift to the world. Amen.