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Weekday Devotions

The Followers of Jesus as wakeful. If you have comments - .

The Follower of Jesus as wakeful also notes that we have been asleep. We have been awakened to see the world around us with the clarity that is available when we are able to be completely attentive to the moment at hand. With all the speed of communication today, we can be completely awake and yet walk around as though we are asleep. Sometime that means we cannot take in any more. Sometimes it may be that we do not want to take in any more of what the world is handing us. The Followers of Jesus as wakeful need not respond to everything that is brought into our lives. And yet, we must be wakeful and see and respond to that which is right in front of us. That may mean we act as though we are agents of God's Reign with those people who are right at our side. I would also say that as the Followers of Jesus we are always being awakened to the needs and condition of the world. Therefore, in our wakefulness we may be pulled to act in ways that do not benefit us. We will be awaken to see injustice and intolerance and hatred. In that awakening, we are handed the possibility to act when other may not. The world needs wakeful people who are draw into new life.

God of Love and All Hopefulness, shake us up - tip us over - awaken us so that we will see and hear and be given the opportunity to enter into your living presence of hopefulness and healing within this day. Amen.