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The Followers of Jesus as wakeful. If you would like to comment - .


The Followers of Jesus as wakeful are people who turn their heads when they hear comments or see events that show forth a broken humanity. We are wakeful because the well-being of others is the same as our own well-being. Therefore we turn to act - to speak - to live - within the artful imagination of God's Reign. It is there that we open up our common and ordinary lives to the grand vividness of God's love for the world that becomes our love - that turns our heads - that wakes us up to see and hear the cries of the world with the attention of people who have been refreshed by sleep but now are ready to act. The Followers of Jesus as wakeful turn because we know that whoever is 'out there' is connected to us and we are awakened to their distress and need. It is then that we rise up - refreshed to serve wherever we may be needed for the welfare of all.

God of Love and All Hopefulness, help us imagine ourselves open to the needs of the world around us and to it beauty that always calls us to join in and live within your image. Amen.