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Weekday Devotions

The Followers of Jesus as wakeful. If you have comments - .

The Followers of Jesus as wakeful move around through the day just as all others. That is because we are like all others - we are human - we are vulnerable - we are able to change the ways of the world. Unfortunately, we often find the ways of the world to be just the way we want to be. Therefore, we close our eyes - we sleep - we ignore how the world is leading us. The Followers of Jesus as wakeful are people who have heard stories of a new way to live within a world that is consuming itself within its own violence. Rather that build walls and add to our collection of weapons and try to figure out how to keep our stuff away from them, we have been dreaming of another way to live within the day. Those dreams become a part how we are wakeful. We have dreams - we have visions - we have been washed for new life - we have had the breath of God whip through our ordinary lives and begin to carry us off into the promised land of God's Peace. The Followers of Jesus as wakeful present ourselves within this day wide awake carrying dreams and visions with us and translating them into the acts within ordinary lives.

God of Love and All Hopefulness, fill us with the dreams and visions of the life that awaits us within the steps of this day. Amen.