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The Followers of Jesus as wakeful. Responses can be sent to -

The Followers of Jesus as wakeful means we are to keep things stirring - mixing things up - awaking the world to new ways to experience the day. I would submit that we can only do that when we are familiar with the stories of faith that have been lived out before us. Many of those stories come to us through the Scriptures - some of those stories come by way of seeing them open up and come alive around us - some of those stories are happening right now and we are being called to be involved in them.  Being wakeful means we draw from  many side of our lives and build up a character of love and hopefulness that will shape how we live as individuals and as a community of the followers of Jesus. Being wakeful also means we need to shake our heads so that what we think is so firm and settled and immoveable will be rattled just a bit and we will be awakened to a new day and a new way to live within this day.

God of Love and All Hopefulness, take hold of us and wake us up to enter this day. Amen.