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The Followers of Jesus as forgetful. If you have comments: .

The Followers of Jesus as forgetful is one way of looking at how we move into the day at hand. By this I simply mean that we must be able to let the past that tries to own us and rule us - be gone! Forget about it! Yes it is good to remember the past and celebrate all that has brought us this far in our life - good stuff and the bad stuff. And yet, we must let none of that dictate who we are and how we treat others. Today, is a part of a new creation - a new life - a forgiven present that gives room for the blossoming of a life eternal that starts up with our next acts within this day. The Follower of Jesus as forgetful are to be people who remember selectively. Remember your Baptism! Remember that you are Beloved! It is not much to remember and yet it is enough to overrule all the memories that inhibit our lives as followers of Jesus. It is enough to help heal the stuff of our past that we cannot shake and it will not let go of us. Therefore, we can open the door to this day as though all we know of ourselves and those we meet is that we are beloved. Yes, some are baptized in Christ, Jesus, but all are beloved. We can remember that.

Lord of Life and All Hopefulnss, help us keep you forever in our mind - your love for us - you never failing forgiveness - your mercy and justice and peace. It is enough. Amen.