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The Followers of Jesus as forgetful. Comments to: 

I really thought someone would make the comment that I choose this topic because I forgot to post earlier in the week. You are so kind. The Followers of Jesus as forgetful are gifted with the power to not let the past rule us. It is not a gift that always works. And yet, when we allow ourselves the time to pray - think - meditate - imagine, the terrors and wounds and fears of the past may give way to the wonder of that which is next. Sometimes I wonder if forgetfulness is also a part of hopefulness. We are not constrained by the stuff that can beat us down - rather we are liberated to set ourselves wandering into the future of the love of Christ within our own lives. The Followers of Jesus as forgetful do not forget in order to get away with anything - that must always be held up among us. We will face and all of the facts about our lives and yet we will never let them win the day or destroy what is possible within the advancing Reign of God.

God of New Life and All Hopefulness, keep us ever present within the embrace of you Reign that keeps moving into this day. Amen.