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The Followers of Jesus as forgetful are being healed - always healed - so that today can be new and our love for others will be able to show beyond and through all the doubts and fears and wounds that sometimes keep us locked out of today and unavailable for God's in-breaking Reign. I find that too often, I hesitate because something - not always clear - pulls me back. It is as though an incident or a word or an interaction from the past has its way with me. It is an odd experience for sometimes it mean that I react to quickly to what is happening (maybe pulled back by things of the past that have a hold on me) and sometimes I delay and seem not to be able to act (again, pulled by things my life cannot forget). Therefore, I really think the Followers of Jesus must learn to breathe. In breathing, we let ourselves take in the new and let go of the old - give ourselves space and time  - allow for moments of reflection before we march into the world around us. So maybe being forgetful is really an exercise in remembering whose we are so we can be just that!

God of Love and All Hopefulness, once again breathe with us and take us into your future that is Reigning down upon us. Amen.