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The Followers of Jesus as ready. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as ready has too do with be awake and being able to read the world in which we are walking. It means considering information not at all obvious and yet important to the dynamics of the day. Last week I was at a training for religious leaders who have volunteered to be on the front lines between police and crowds of citizens when an event breaks out in Columbus. I learned so much about police training and their skills - quite amazing when it is done within a good system. Being ready in their work means being aware of movements, gestures, positions, and even the unseen movement that comes when someone tenses up - ready to react or strike. The officers will often act before the next movement take place on the side of someone they are engaging. It made me realize that these public servants are standing ready even when they seem to be at ease. The Followers of Jesus as ready are invited to hold in our hearts and minds and bodies a life that is ready to respond to the world around us. Therefore, in the presence of violence, we must be ready to be a peaceful presence and if need be a life-giving presence. That takes work. That takes contemplation. That takes a discipline. That takes a spirit of new life ready to make situation at hand into something creative and peaceable.

God of New Life and All Hopefulness, we stand at the beginning of a new day - new experiences - new moments filled with possibilities that may overwhelm us. Be present with us as you have always promised that we will be ready to stand as your beloved, Jesus, in this time. Amen.