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Weekday Devotions

The Followers of Jesus as ready know that now is time of the coming of heaven on earth - the coming of the Reign of God - the coming of fullness of the Peaceable Reign. A time to be ready to act as though this is really the pulse of our lives that moves us through the day so that the promise will become the actual. The Followers of Jesus as ready may be a stumbling crew of folks who do not look as though they are a part of something new. And yet, it is within that stumbling that we take the call to be ready seriously. Too often, we wait and then wait some more and then begin to think that all things are the way they are meant to be and therefore let us just let things stay as we are. I think that when we stumble it means we are moving. It is my hope that the Followers of Jesus are moving into the domain of promise and all hopefulness. We are ready to do that even when we do not have all the details nailed down and under control. There is a bit of wildness in being ready - maybe it is more spontaneous than wild but it sure does look like wildness when we take off and live. The Followers of Jesus as ready are ready for whatever is next even when we do not know what is next - except that we have heard visions and some of us have even seen visions of that which is breaking in.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, we may need to have you nudge us - maybe even push us - even pull us a step into your coming future so that we are ready to take the next step within the power of your Spirit of Life. Amen.