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Weekday Devotions

The Followers of Jesus as ready. If you have comments:

The Followers of Jesus as ready must have a foundation from which they spring out into the world as the followers of Jesus alive for the welfare of all. That is why we worship - that is why we sing hymns - that is why we throw baptismal water - that is why we share that simple meal that doesn't look much like a meal. All of this picks us up and points us into a future that is already being shaped by our God so that we will take on the life of that future. The Followers of Jesus as ready listen to tales and stories that others call absurd. We listen and we begin to see how our lives are worth more than the ways we choose to limit them and try to control how we will engaged the day. We are blessed to be a people who do not need to fit into the prevailing ways of the powers of this world. Sure we all do, and yet we are invited to be aware of how and when we do that. In worship - any part of it or even all of it - we are handed a glimpse of a power that is able to transform the world. In worship, we are already a part of that power that is unlike the powers of the world. In worship - week after week - God's Reign and the life therein becomes known to us. In worship, we are invited to be ready to enter that life or at least, see it, or even, hear it and begin to dream about it. Worship makes us ready for the transformation of all things.

God of New Life and All Hopefulness, helps us to hear and see and enter into the fullness of your Reign - make us ready to live. Amen.