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Weekday Devotion

The Followers of Jesus as hopefully subversive. If you have any comments.

The Followers of Jesus as hopefully subversive are people who act in the face of
 any situation. We do not act to destroy what is - we act out of a sense of hope
 for what can be. That will always mean we will look at what is through the lens
 of hope for the coming of God's Reign within our day. That kind of vision may cause us to think subversive things and act in subversive ways. We will not simply put up with what we are handed as the operating procedures of the day. For too often, those procedures defy and deny the emergence of God's Reign within the day at hand. Therefore, as we engage the day around us within the vision of the peace and justice, mercy and forgiveness of God's Reign, it will bring us into a life that seems to be tearing down what is. The Follower of Jesus as hopefully subversive speak up and stand for a life in which the values of business as usual and structures as usual may not be obeyed. Yet, we do not simply protest. We act in ways that represent the Reign of God even when the world around us doesn't buy into that vision. We all know of people who lived like that and found themselves at odds with society's values.

O God of love and new life, help us reside within the hopefulness of your Reign
and take the life you offer us into the world into which we walk this day.   Amen.