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Weekday Devotions

The Followers of Jesus as hopefully subversive. If you have any comments - .

The Followers of Jesus as hopefully subversive disturb the world by engaging it
with a love that we see within the vision of God's coming Reign - a Reign that is
already available to us and a Reign that is actively recruiting us to come alive
 within its vision. Therefore, we take the world as it is and season it with the
 life of peace that often is not even on the table for discussion. To insist on
peace - nonviolent peace - disturbs the conversations held by the world powers.
I find that it upsets the table discussion and the well-groomed table conversations
that never what to deal with the peace of our God that we are called to actively
 embody. The Followers of Jesus as hopefully subversive simple ask about how we can engage the world nonviolently and with a healing touch. In a warring world,
that is madness - nonsense - and yet we call it all hopefully subversive.

O God of love and new life, make us into the seasoning of your Reign in this place
today.  Amen.