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The Followers of Jesus as hopefully subversive. If you have any comments  -  .

The Followers of Jesus as hopefully subversive are people walking within that which is promised even within a world that denies promises. We are promised peace and healing and wholeness and we go there and we participate in all of it even as we are considered odd. Therefore, we subvert the dominate paradigm - we go not go along with how the society or culture is attempting to shape life. The Followers of Jesus as hopefully subversive will take issue with the patterns of society that hold onto broken ways of oppression and bias and bigotry. We will take issue by not participating in those ways - speaking with contrary voices - walking and dancing in ways deemed inappropriate and even demonic. The Followers of Jesus as hopefully subversive insist on taking on another way of life that may not at all fit in well with the ongoing march of the machine of life around us.

O God of love and new life, help us dance to the tune of your Reigning hymn of peace. Amen.