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 The Followers of Jesus as hopefully subversive. If you have any comments  -

The Followers of Jesus as hopefully subversive are people who see the possibility of tomorrow and hear the promise of life in the face of evidence that is saying just the opposite. Therefore, we subvert the messaging of the day and the powers around us - we step forward without the permission of some group that claims to have control of what is and what can be. The followers of Jesus as hopefully subversive need to be a cadre of comedians - able to laugh at the world and willing to be laughed at. For when we are these kind of people we take the power of fear and make it into something fear-mongerers hate - a useless power. Oh my, that can subvert the whole day or the powers of the world. The Followers of Jesus as hopefully subversive are willing to talk about the elephant in the room - the abusiveness of the status quo - the smell of hate that fills the room where bigots seem to prevail.

O God of love and new life, open up our hearts to your coming that is always interrupting the day with hope.  Amen.