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Weekday Devotions

The Followers of Jesus as invasive makes us a people who stick out in the middle of the crowded ways of this world. The world calls for and allows and promotes all sorts of ways to live within our society. They all follow the way of the world. That means things must be done 'just so' and our lives need to fit in and match the ways of the prevailing society or culture. The Followers of Jesus as invasive may become known as the ones who don't seem to 'go along' unless that means we will go along for the well-being of all - we will go along without violence - we will go along free from power of our anxieties that attempt to control us and others. As we all know, the well-being of all is not a matter of concern to the powers of the world - never has been.The Followers of Jesus as invasive must daily choose the life we will enter as we are called by our God to follower in the steps of Jesus. Those choices may send us against the grain and even against all that we have come to love and expect in our lives. And yet, we spread out into the world as a living alternative to the world that brings good news to all - even when it may cost us for being such an invasive presence.

O God of Life and All Hopefulness, we are ready to move - move us by the power of your Spirit and encourage us as we begin this day. Amen.