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The Followers of Jesus as provocative. Comments:

The Followers of Jesus as provocative are folks who turn heads. It may not be that we are doing grand things. It may be that we are living lives that are a bit different from the flow of the cultural norms around us. Therefore, our mere presence brings up questions or starts conversations that may not regularly occur. For example, why would a congregation of the Followers of Jesus walk in the PRIDE Parade when there are so many Christians who seem to thrive on speaking words of condemnation on GLBT people among us? The Followers of Jesus as provocative step out into the world in a way that reflects the image of the Christ alive among us. That means we must know the way of that one we follow. We hope to provoke people into action or at least thoughtful contemplation on what it means - in everyday terms - to walk in the way of Jesus. Usually that way is a bit odd - a bit of a risk - a bit out of place in the world that surrounds us. And yet, we keep pressing the point - we keep alive questions that must not be brushed off the table for mere security.

God of Love and All Hopefulness, your Spirit takes us into the world and we become a part of the breath and life of your eternal Reign. Linger with us and move us and lead us. Amen.