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The Followers of Jesus as provocative. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as provocative bring questions to the table. We ask. We ask again. We listen to the language that is used by the Followers of Jesus and we keep asking 'what does that mean?' That is not always accepted. We will meet the most resistance to our questions from people who claim to be Follower of Jesus because many folks are told not to question the word and images and action of our faith. The church needs to be filled with Followers of Jesus who question what it is to be followers of Jesus. This does not mean we must construct a box of questions and then come up with a set of answers to settle the questions that come to us. Rather, The Followers of Jesus as provocative undo the strings that tie up the 'church' into a nice box. The 'holy' language of church folk often cannot stand up to serious questions about life. Rather it is language that is used to shut up questions and silence thoughtful and faithful investigation.

O God of Love and All Hopefulness, help us rest in you alone so that we will fear no questions and will be thrilled by life set free to question and doubt and believe. Amen.